Drink Menu

Island Sushi WI Chop Sticks

Island Sushi, De Pere

Draft Beer

Bud Light

Spotted Cow

Blue Moon

Kirin Ichiban

Badger State Grassy Place Hazy IPA

Seasonal Cider

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

Point Root beer

Bottled Beer

Coors Light

Blue Moon

Miller Lite

Bud Light


Michelob Ultra

PBR 16oz Tallboy

Corona Extra


Ciderboys Apple Cider

Blu Bobber

Ahnapee Little Soldier

Bell's Two-Hearted IPA


Ciderboys Apple Cider

White Claw Hard Seltzers

Budweiser 0.0 N/A

Twisted Tea

Busch Light

Truly Seltzer Seasonal


Japanese Old Fashioned

Hand muddled like all of our Old Fashioneds, featuring Suntori Japanese whiskey
$ 7

Seasonal Sangria

Spring/Summer - Piña Colada Sangria
Fall/Winter - Brandy fortified Red Sangria
$ 7

Midori Mai Tai

Our refreshing melon-y Mai Tai
$ 7

Peach Palmer

Peach Vodka makes our Arnold Palmer a step above the rest
$ 7

Mermaid's Tale

Transport yourself under the sea with our favorite blue drink
$ 7

Tokyo Mule

Our take on a Moscow Mule with extra ginger flavor. Substitute the base liquor to spice it up! (Captain, Bourbon, Raspberry Vodka, etc.)
$ 7

White Wines

Movendo Moscato (Emilia, Italy)

Sweet, floral notes, hints of pear and apricot
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Sortesele Pinot Grigio (Delle Venezie, Italy)

Delicate white fruit and apple aromas. Notes of acacia blossoms and almonds.
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Pomelo Sauv Blanc (California)

Pale straw color with lifted notes of fresh grapefruit and guava
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Sparkling Prosecco (Italy)

Bright apple, citrus, and mineral notes
$ 6

Red Wines

Roscato, Rosso Dulce (Lombardy, Italy)

Sweet and lightly fizzy
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Crusher Red Blend (North Coast, CA)

Jammy, black fruit flavors with a smooth finish
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Chateau St. Michelle Cab Sauv (Columbia Valley, WA)

Rich with red fruit flavor
$ 9 33 / Bottle

Kikkoman Plum Wine (Sanger, CA)

Very sweet, Blush in color
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Blush Wines

Kikkoman Plum Wine (Sanger, CA)

Very sweet, blush
$ 6 21 / Bottle


Gekkeikan House Sake

A carafe served your choice of hot or cold
$ 5

Ozeki Nigori (Cloudy)

Unflavored and slightly sweeter than clear unflavored sake
$ 6

Ozeki Hana Fuga (Peach or Yuzu)

Sweet and bubbly peach or yuzu (citrus) sake
$ 13

Ikezo Sparkling Jelly Sake (Berry or Peach)

Very sweet, jellied and carbonated
$ 7

Ozeki Pineapple Nigori Sake

$ 13

Ozeki Strawberry Nigori Sake

$ 13

Other N/A

Ramune Japanese Sodas

Strawberry, Orange, Grape, Original, Melon

Hot Tea

Black, Green, Oolong

Draft Root Beer

Kiddie Cocktail

Red Bull

Heineken 0.0 N/A Beer

Gosling's N/A Ginger Beer

Kalo Lemon Lavender



Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist

Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew


Raspberry Tea

Unsweet Tea

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