Drink Menu

Island Sushi WI Chop Sticks

Island Sushi, De Pere

Draft Beer

Bud Light

Spotted Cow

Blue Moon

Kirin Ichiban

Shiner Holiday Cheer

3 Sheeps Cashmere Hammer Nitro Stout

O'so Infectious Groove Sour Ale

South Shore Nut Brown Ale

Stillmank Guava IPA

Badger State Grassy Place Hazy IPA

Titletown Sno-Cap Root Beer

Bottled Beer

Coors Light

Blue Moon

Miller Lite

Bud Light


Michelob Ultra

PBR 16oz Tallboy

Corona Extra


Ciderboys Apple Cider

Blu Bobber

Ahnapee Little Soldier

Bell's Two-Hearted IPA


Bell's Double Cream Ale

Ciderboys Apple Cider

White Claw Hard Seltzers

Heineken 0.0 N/A


Japanese Old Fashioned

Hand muddled like all of our Old Fashioneds, featuring Suntori Japanese whiskey
$ 7

Seasonal Sangria

Spring/Summer - Piña Colada Sangria
Fall/Winter - Brandy fortified Red Sangria
$ 7

Midori Mai Tai

Our refreshing melon-y Mai Tai
$ 7

Peach Palmer

Peach Vodka makes our Arnold Palmer a step above the rest
$ 7

Mermaid's Tale

Transport yourself under the sea with our favorite blue drink
$ 7

Tokyo Mule

Our take on a Moscow Mule with extra ginger flavor. Substitute the base liquor to spice it up! (Captain, Bourbon, Raspberry Vodka, etc.)
$ 7

White Wines

Movendo Moscato (Emilia, Italy)

Sweet, floral notes, hints of pear and apricot
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Sortesele Pinot Grigio (Delle Venezie, Italy)

Delicate white fruit and apple aromas. Notes of acacia blossoms and almonds.
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Pomelo Sauv Blanc (California)

Pale straw color with lifted notes of fresh grapefruit and guava
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Castle Rock Chardonnay (Monterey, CA)

Balanced with citrus, apple, and light oak
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Sparkling Prosecco (Italy)

Bright apple, citrus, and mineral notes
$ 6

Red Wines

Roscato, Rosso Dulce (Lombardy, Italy)

Sweet and lightly fizzy
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Crusher Red Blend (North Coast, CA)

Jammy, black fruit flavors with a smooth finish
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Josh Cab Sauv (Columbia Valley, WA)

Bold dark fruit with silky tannins
$ 9 33 / Bottle

10 Span Pinot Noir (Central Coast, CA)

Cherry and clove with soft floral notes
$ 7 24 / Bottle

Kikkoman Plum Wine (Sanger, CA)

Very sweet, Blush in color
$ 6 21 / Bottle

Blush Wines

Toad Hollow Rosé (Lombardy, Italy)

Sweet and lightly fizzy
$ 8 28 / Bottle

Kikkoman Plum Wine (Sanger, CA)

Very sweet, blush
$ 6 21 / Bottle


Gekkeikan House Sake

A carafe served your choice of hot or cold
$ 5

Ozeki Nigori (Cloudy)

Unflavored and slightly sweeter than clear unflavored sake
$ 6

Ty Ku Black

Unflavored Super Premium Junmai Ginjo Sake
$ 12

Ty Ku Cucumber

Light, refreshing, notes of crisp cucumber. Just mildly sweet
$ 9

Ty Ku Coconut Nigori (Cloudy)

Infused with refreshing coconut flavor and a hint of vanilla
$ 9

Ozeki Hana Fuga (Peach or Yuzu)

Sweet and bubbly peach or yuzu (citrus) sake
$ 13

Ikezo Sparkling Jelly Sake (Berry or Peach)

Very sweet, jellied and carbonated
$ 7

Other N/A

Ramune Japanese Sodas

Strawberry, Orange, Grape, Original, Melon

Hot Tea

Black, Green, Oolong

Draft Root Beer

Kiddie Cocktail

Red Bull

Heineken 0.0 N/A Beer

Gosling's N/A Ginger Beer



Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist

Mountain Dew

Diet Mountain Dew


Raspberry Tea

Unsweet Tea